Frequently asked questions

What is Ninpo/Ninjutsu?

Ninjutsu encompasses all the arts practiced by the ancient ninja of Japan. In total, 36 areas were explored, including combat training hand to hand and weapon training. Some areas have historical value only while others have a direct practical application and can still be taught

Who can practice?

Anyone with a good intention to use the learnings received for good purposes such as health, self protection and protection of family and country. Health is necessary and a medical check up prior to starting is always recommended. Age is not a limiting factor and we work around our body limitations due to age or injuries. Our school accepts students age 14 and up.

I practice other martial arts. Will the transition to Ninjutsu be difficult?

We welcome people without and with previous experience alike. If you practice something else already we will ensure your transition is smooth. Affiliated with Aikido of El Paso, GOKURAKU DOJO encourages the practice of serious martial arts and combat sports welcoming Aikido students as well as students of other arts such as Ju Jutsu, BJJ, MMA, Boxing and others

How is ranking attained?

In order to gain rank, students need to come to class regularly. Ranks will be provided upon testing. A passing score is given at the discretion of the instruction. Testing and attendance are therefore mandatory for rank attainment but never a guarantee of passing.

Are the ranks given from Japan?

Absolutely. We abide by certifications from Japan ONLY. We don't provide invented certifications or bought diplomas from some store or obscure organization. The certificates are manufactured and signed in Japan once information of the student is passed to the Headquarters Dojo in Saitama.