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How to Join our school of martial arts

In order to start training in our school a person has to be serious about the art and sincere about the correct intentions on why they want to learn the arts we teach.

Our school does not teach people who will intend to use the techniques taught to harm others and will be immediately expelled if they are deemed to be using our art for the wrong purpose. This is why we require a brief appointment during class hours to interview the candidate for our school.


To join, you need to complete a form in the student section and bring 3 passport pictures along with the registration and monthly fee.

There are no "trial classes" or "free uniforms". Our school is not a business. It is a practice group. Monthly dues go to Aikido of El Paso where we are located. 

As a new student, you will be progressively advanced according to your physical and mental ability and ranking is stricly dependant on attendance, attitude during class, behaviour observed and test day performance before the instructor or master instructors testing you. 




Ninpo Taijutsu

4pm-530pm Adults and Teens

530 to 620pm Children's class


Ninpo Taijutsu

4pm-530pm Adults and Teens


2pm to 4pm KJJR / Weapons training (All groups)


Ninpo Taijutsu

9-1030 am (All groups)

1030-11:20 am Children's class 

Presence of parent or guardian during class hours for ages 14 through 17 is mandatory.

Contact Us at or SMS at 915-209-2007 to set up your appointment.

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