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Initial registration:40USD/japan registration 30 USD Dojo Registration (Written resources and Attendance Booklet Fee)

Monthly fee: 100/month (basic TIER A - see below)

Individuals 16 and above may join the adult group. Typically classes are held 3 times per week and last 1.5 hours. Training in ninpo taijutsu is emphasized. However other arts such as Koryu Karate, Jujutsu and weapons are practiced as well


Initial registration: 20USD/japan registration 30 USD Dojo Registration (Written resources and Attendance Booklet Fee)

Monthly fee: 75USD/month 

We recommend children aged 7 and above but younger ages can be considered on a case by case basis. While self defense is important, physical coordination, mental focus, discipline, and other values, are emphasized.



Private classes are there to support the enrolled student overcome certain areas they want to improve on with a one on one approach with the teacher. As a Standalone program the cost is 


25 USD per class

We swiftly adapted to the current conditions and have established a professional Zoom account with TV in the dojo, full connectivity and ability to perform private online classes with tracking camera.

Students that want to participate in this section need to at least participate in one private class per week for in person training. 



 TIER A:  Group classes. Here the individual joins group classes 100 USD per month

TIER B: One day per week group one day private per week 175USD per month

TIER C: Online classes outside regular schedule are 25USD per class. Student will be responsible for adequate setup of technology required. Link or invitation to zoom will be sent by teacher prior to class. If joining a regular class scheduled where you are unable to attend physically, no additional cost to the 100USD per month fee

 TIER D:  Private classes only. 45 USD per class. Minimum of 4 classes per month required to participate (180USD per month)

TIER E: 1 day per week group class and 1 private class per week, 175 USD

Payments are between days 1 and 3 of every month. There are no refunds if student has participated in a class that month. There are no registration refunds. 

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